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Upcoming Meetings

May 9, 2020
Sept. 12, 2020
“Note to members: SCGC will adopt a new meeting schedule beginning in the Fall, 2020. Meetings will be held on the second Saturday of September, November, February and April. Consult the SCGC Meeting Minutes from February 2020 for a further discussion.”
Meetings held at SCC Fitness/Wellness Bldg, Room FW-527, 10:00 am start.

Watch for These Events

• Weed Notices/ Plot Cleanup Follow Up (April 2020)
• Member Annual Club Agreement Renewal and Fees (June 2020)
• Covid-19 Weekend Lockout Termination… TBD

February Vege Sales @ SCGC

Where: Section 1
When: Saturday, Late February
Look For Email Announcement